Best Pull Behind Lawn Aerator

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Small holes are punched in the soil and plugs are removed to allow air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots. Aerators can walk behind or pull behind. Pull behind aerators can help reduce soil compaction and improve soil health. Choosing the best tow behind aerator might be difficult because to the abundance of alternatives. Tow-behind aerator Brinly has 40-inch working width and 24 heat-treated plugging spoons made of 16 gauge steel.

This 40 tow aerator is made in the USA and comes with a huge 140 lb load tray for easy soil penetration. The Brinly lawn care gadget from Craftsman is another winner. For hard packed soil, the CMXGZBF7124213 40 model has a large 140 lbs maximum support weight loading tray. Its 40-inch width and 24 galvanized plugging spoons revitalize your lawn. This 48-inch Craftsman tow behind machine includes a single lever cantilever transport handle.

Aerating your grass helps crucial nutrients reach the roots. You can aerate your lawn with your hands or a spading fork. However, if you have a tractor-trailer or even an ATV, a pull behind aerator can let you aerate your grass without breaking a sweat. Aeration improves soil nutrient and water penetration. The more aeration spoons you have, the better.

Wide aeration width versions have more spoons, removing more soil cores every pass. A 100 lb tray weight capacity is sufficient for most compacted areas, however tougher soils may require a bigger capacity tray. When Should You Aerate Your Lawn? Soil compaction causes patches in your lawn or diminishing grass, and aerating helps restore grass density. Compaction can also cause thatch to develop up quicker than it can breakdown, which is another reason to dethatch your lawn.

Lawn aeration is one of the most important ways to increase your lawn's health. Large lawns and riding mowers benefit greatly from purchasing a pull-behind aerator rather than renting a separate unit. Here are the top options available in terms of functionality, reliability, and performance. Aeration improves air and water penetration while promoting deeper root growth. The two primary types are plug and spike aerators, which poke holes in the earth.

Larger properties benefit from a wider pull behind the aerator. A smaller unit may be better suited to compact spaces. Flat-free tires are comprised of solid polyurethane and are more expensive. Traditional pneumatic tires are prone to flats and leak air. The Brinly PA-40BH Tow-Behind Plug Aerator has 40 inches of width and 24 aerating spoons to quickly aerate your lawn.

It's great for estates and huge lawns. The Brinly model can easily cross paths or other lawn surfaces. The 3 inch core plunge is quite durable. It has flat-free tires and a lever to release the spoons for travel. Agri-48 Fab's inch model is superior for those who need easy pull behind aeration.

The Yard Tuff aerator is 48 inches wide, so it can easily cover large areas. This apparatus has 54 core aeration spoons and is designed to plunge them three inches deep. It's built of steel for durability and finished with a powder coat to protect it from the elements.


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